10.0.40 Update

No… It’s not working… :astonished:

ARA without fades is completely useful… If you need to do some editing, you get some random clicks…


After installing the 10.0.40 update I can’t get any audio or even any audio activity from Cubase. I even tried 9.5 but also there. I see no audio activity at all in Cubase and no sound coming out of the system. I do get audio when I use another app and from webpages. I have a UR12 and reinstalled the yamaha driver and checked all the settings in Cubase but I cannot see any problem. The UR12 is the only active sound card. The only weird behaviour I see when I open a file is that the screen: loading vst mixer is flashing like crazy, which it never did before.

Cubase is fucked up but cannot find the cause. Please reply quick!

The update seems to install a version of the eLicenser that’s too old. You only notice this if you open eLCC and try to do a maintenance. I had to update the version with a manually downloaded version

I really wish the Steinberg product installers would first check the currently installed version, and only install newer versions!

Did you restart your PC? If yes, I’d say look at video drivers.

Yes, I got that also. Minor annoyance, but could have been easily avoided with a little double-checking.

Looks like they are saving that fix for the 10.5 paid upgrade. Unfortunately this is common practice.

Bummer… none of theses were fixed:

  • Comping: ARA 2 activated on events on lanes (comping) can cause Cubase to freeze. Render the tracks first, then use ARA 2

  • Fades and gain on events: Fades and gain changes on events having ARA 2 activated will not be processed by the ARA 2 plug-in. Render the tracks first, then use ARA 2

I guess real ARA 2 integration will be a loooong way :frowning:

Happened to me as well.


They could surprise us with a v10.0.50 - ahead of the next big 10.5 release… maybe… :slight_smile:


It’s worrying that the eLicenser software installed by 10.0.40 is out of date. I’ve had to download the latest version and install it.

A bad mistake Steinberg.

Yea, that’s a huge bug. I lost all samples that was used with Sampler Tracks in a project because of that… Cubase tries to open the samples from OLD folders which I had deleted after backing up the project. It is the same in 9.5. Cubase 10 demo expired before I had the time to test it so thanks for the confirmation.

I wonder if the DOP bug where original files are sometimes overwritten and UNDO won’t work exists in Cubase 10 still…?

I have downloaded and installed the LATEST e-lic software AHEAD of this CB update - will updating now ‘undo’ this and push me back to an out-of-date e-lic version?

That’s what happened to me, so yes - you’ll see it install as you update. Poor show from Steinberg. :frowning:

after reinstalling Cubase from a freshly downloaded file, still no result. Windows settings were all good. Then I started looking at the files I used. I used mostly Symphonic Orchestra and I could not play any of the samples.
Turns out that the update destroyed the file with the locations settings for Symphonic Orchestra. After relocating them and a restart of Cubase everything works again.
Very sloppy update. Not amused.

Well that’s a shame. :frowning:

With regard to the wrong elicenser version, I did this (you need winrar installed on your system):

  • right click on “Cubase_10.0.40_Update_win.exe”
  • select ‘Open with winrar’
  • Navigate to ‘Cubase 10 Update\Additional Content\Copy Protection Driver’ folder
  • replace ‘eLicenserControlSetup.exe’ with latest version (
  • Close winrar and update Cubase without elicenser problem