10.0.5 exported PDF column widths

exported my first track sheet with 10.0.5 today and see that the column widths are quite narrow and cause some sloppy text formatting.

see attached image…

is there any way to adjust this?

I also kinda noticed this with the ISRC column but wasn’t sure if I just never noticed it before. I’d say in general, the PDF export needs some SERIOUS reworking. Waveburner used to be able to fit an entire album’s worth of info on one page. WaveLab usually eats up 3 pages for a typical album and it’s hard to follow.

just putting this into people’s attention again because it’s getting a bit embarrassing sending track sheets to clients that look like this… i can’t even fit 6 tracks on a single PDF page with the “tr k” column making everything take up twice as many lines…

may go back to 10.0.4 for the time being til this is fixed…

You could export to .csv and import in Excel, and do the formatting you like.
Or you could export to html.

Or, can you change the font in the meantime? Does that make a difference?

Would the Wavelab “Simple” factory preset contain enough info? That generally fits on one page.

Actually what works better (than fonts) as a temporary fix, is to send out of the cd report dialog as html and then Print (save) to PDF from that. Because html doesn’t have the problem.

thanks for all of the tips! i will try the html thing first… and then move to excel if needed…

ok, i went through the various output options and found html works the best, but not perfect… here’s some observations:

HTML: export to html, save PDF from browser. nicely formatted, but lacks studio logo at top.

ADOBE PDF: poorly formatted.

PRINT: uses same formatting as PDF

XML: when opened in excel, gives you your data, but pretty raw text looking. no logo, no “custom text” text. not usable.

CSV: even more spartan than XML. contained only track name and timing.

so, seems HTML is a pretty good workaround for now… i can live without the logo… as the data is the most important thing and my custom text that includes my name and email address are still there.

I still get Header Image after selecting HTML, and it passes to the HTML in the browser, then the PDF from that. Maybe you need to re-select your Logo as Header Image after selecting HTML output on the Audio CD Report window? Seems to pass through fine here, if that is done.

The only other difference I see between the original PDF setting and the HTML to PDF method is some grey shading in the original PDF version, and in the HTML to PDF method, the addition of print headers and footers in my browser html print to PDF dialog, which I can turn off in the browser print dialog.

Our original logo was TIFF format, which didn’t show up in the HTML version. I made a PNG version and that works well.

Our original logo was TIFF format, which didn’t show up in the HTML version. I made a PNG version and that works well.

But SVG rules.

png, jpg or tiff doesn’t work here.

We found that when opening the html version in Safari, our logo wasn’t showing up either. We (matthew barnhart) fixed that by selecting “Disable Local File Restrictions” under the “Develop” menu in Safari.

bob weston

that almost worked for me… the logo shows up on the safari HTML page, but when i export that page as a PDF the logo doesn’t show up on the PDF…

edit: if i use safari’s “save as PDF” command the logo does not show up. if i PRINT and then save a PDF from the print dialog the logo is there.

I just really hope that WaveLab 11 can produce a much more elegant and efficient PDF report that can fit an entire normal album on one page without a bunch of wasted dead space/rows, weird column breaks, and a reliably nice logo.


yes please!..

A big vote for this! I have always struggled getting anything to look decent for years. Once a template has been set up then this should be a one click action.

disappointed this wasn’t addressed in the 0.6 update… maybe more difficult of a fix than anticipated. but an important one.

Agree … In the meantime, I’ve been printing the pdf reports out of Sonoris DDP and/or HOFA