10.0.6 ruined my Cubase 10 Pro

I had 10.0.4 Cubase Pro and everything worked perfectly.
Now I’m working from home and Monday I updated to 10.0.6.
Now audio plays back slow, pithed down and very choppy, CANNOT get anything done.
I downloaded the Download assistant and downloaded 10.0.5
I ran the installer and I still have 10.0.6 with the stuttering audio.
I need serious help.

Check you samplerate settings.

Ram242, you’re right. It got fixed but I dont know how. Studio Setup > Control Panel…then output configuration. It showed 44.1, dont know how that got that way, somehow it got back to 48k and everything is perfect. Maybe could have been the Mac app Audio and Midi setup. Maybe the OS setting got funky. Its working now.

The sample rate is defined in the Project settings, but sometimes, if you have a bad driver or the device is busy it does’t switch while you load you project.

This ^^^^