10.1 & blacklist

Seems to run smooth enough overall & with ARA /Melodyne etc, but now is much more nasty in blacklisting plugs than v10 was. All plugs mentioned are VST 2.4 64bit.

Previously, would always blacklist latest version of Toontrack EZDrummer; now on 10.1 also blacklists latest versions of NI Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol, Maschine 2 & Maschine 2 FX. Bit of a drag for existing live projects …

Un-blackisting those, then trying to Revert to saved projects results in nasty crashes, exclamation windows and crash logs etc. Force quitting N10.1 then reloading seems to run the projects with blacklisted plugs for now, but they are still highlighted in red ‘reactivated’ in the plugin manager.

I can not confirm that with identical plugins and Win10. No single blacklisting for approx. 100 VSTi and 500+ FX.