10 --> 10.5 .. Why are we paying for a minor upgrade ??

Steinberg… please explain…

I like many others have bought various versions over the years… myself 8,9,10… plus heaps of the add-ons…

Why are we paying for a minor update ??

I would understand if it was version 11

But it’s still version 10… I already paid for that…

What gives?

It’s just a number. So you would like to pay for the same update if they just would have called it 11?
If they called it Cubase 12, would you then pay the double price just because of that?

It’s a major new update. The X.5 versions are generally not quite as big as the X.0 versions, but they are also lower in price.

As you say, others have bought versions over the years, and these others have come to expect yearly paid updates which alternate between a .5 low cost update and an integer higher cost update.


edit: posted after starsprinkler posted: I think the fear is that they will run out of numbers if they do an integer update every year, so they do it in .5 increments. :wink:


There is always a bunch of new features in the .5 updates, these are not maintenance updates.

Since he has bought 8,9 and 10 already he certainly knows, how it works…
@OP then wait for 11 and pay then… :unamused:

The issue is that upgrades should be less expensive. At least to loyal users who use it since version 1.

I think the price is quite reasonable, especially for anyone in EU, US, AU, JP, and other 1st world nations. In the context of how much we spend on gear, $60 is reasonable.

The reasonable price is half. In respect of users who have been using Cubase for over 30 years and who have always bought punctually every update.

You have a right to your opinion.

God forbid! :smiley: