10.12 Mac OS Sierra Compatibility

Any news on when we can switch over?

Loving 9.03 PG, thanks!

Hmmm … be aware that in ProTo*ls land (which has “technical” compatibility) there are reports of various common plugs not working. Some reports requiring complete re-installs for the DAW to work at all. A colleague reports apparent increased CPU usage once it was working. YMMV.

FWIW, we have two non audio/admin macs here running 10.12. Running stuff like Office for Mac etc. It’s not all peaches and cream.


we are still in the testing phase.
Until then we recommend to use 10.11 for the 9.0.30 Version.


This being said, there are positive reports.

I’m running 9.0.30 with no issues on Sierra. Audio performance is very good! Much better than El Capitan

Thanks for chiming in here PG… is it safe to proceed? Or do we need the official word from above? :wink:

Only thing I can say, is that some users have tried and met no problem.

Thanks PG. Any word on when official certification might come?