10 -15 second wait after hitting Cubase icon before it actually starts w/graphic.

So, I hit the C10 icon in the Dock and then nothing happens for about 10 - 15 seconds before the C10 startup graphic comes up and the program goes through the startup process. Anyone have this issue on Mac, and if so what did you do to remedy it? I’m on a totally fresh install of Mojave, which I did just before installing C10 this time. I’m stumped, especially because it’s a fresh install of Mojave.

Also when starting Cubase the Mac GUI will freeze up on and off. It might not be Cubase, but something with the fresh install of Mojave. I had to do a fresh install of Mojave a few days ago because I was having other issues because of many OS updates over the past three years, and have had problems with C10 since I did that. Everything else works perfectly, just C10 with the issues I’ve mentioned. Tried re-installing Cubase, no dice. Any advice is appreciated.

It’s a Mojave issue, Sierra doesn’t have this problem. Mojave is fussy giving apps permissions for things and I’m guessing the Synopsis e-licensor app is slowing it down a lot. Slow to close down and scan plug ins as well, runs fine other than that so far.

Good to know, thank you. Something needs to be done because Pro Tools and Studio One start loading immediately (they’re both on iLok), so what’s happening with Cubase/eLicenser can be fixed to load up immediately in Mojave it seems.

I don’t think it’s an eLicenser thing, because VE Pro also uses the same eLicenser dongle and it start up instantly with no lag, and it also doesn’t freeze anything up when starting up. Likely something in Cubase itself.

Ok gotcha - kind of a drag isn’t it. Takes forever to quit too, Sierra is super fast to start and close and I’ve noticed a few other plugins behaving a bit funny in Mojave. Tempted to roll back to Sierra with a drive clone, but man that’s a pain.

4 seconds on Sierra here.