10.15 Update - Can't install it.

After update the e-licenser it stops asking for the 10.15.MSI but I don’t have that file. I’ve tried to open the *.exe with win.rar and there is just a 10.15.msp not a msi.
Could someone give a help on this one, please?

TBH, don’t install it. 10.0.15 has annoying problems which are going to be remedied in 10.0.20 which should be released within a week from now.

Ok. Thanks so much.

You should probably not believe everything you get told here, and try yourself.

Cubase 10.0.15 is working fine here. I used the Steinberg Download Assistant to update Cubase 10.0.10. I have had zero problems updating.
I’m not sure why anyone would advise not to update. Each update is fixing bugs and adding features.

Not sure why my previous reply was deleted by a mod, but whatever.

The reason is, 10.0.15 introduced new problems, so no… not every update only fixes things - new problems can be introduced. So what would be the point of updating twice when there’s an update with everything 10.0.15 has, + fixes everything 10.0.15 broke?

That is your experience not everyones. I have not seen new problems. Nor is the update broken. This is simply your perspective. You can state what you are having problems with and see if there is a solution. Telling people to not update is rather presumptuous.

I’m pretty certain that everyone has the 3-6 clicks to open media bay folder problem.

I ´m pretty certain not everyone uses media bay.

I’m pretty certain it’s still more logical to wait for the most recent update if it is coming out this week, seeing as this is individual is already having problems with 10.0.15… :laughing:

it is probably the msi file for the full installer it can’t find.
If you in Windows go to the programs and apps find the Cubase entry and choose repair, that should make it possible to run the update without issues.
If not you can either install from the full installer again over the existing and then run the update.
Or extract the msi file from the full installer and put it in the same folder as where you run the update from.

Yes, it was the Cubase10.msi from the full installer. Quite odd, but it worked. Thank you Peakae.:+1:

Not so.