10.2 Release Date?

In my case the past 18 years :confused:

So, Nobody likes MediaER tool? The fastest way to swap sound in videofile.

I think they must not understand what it does.

Is this what you mean ER Media Toolkit?..


found in this thread on the Steinberg Forum…


I like it very much. :slight_smile:


I love it. But I will probably like the Nuendo video export function more.

Altogether now … ‘oogh’ … ‘oogh’ … ‘oogh’ … ‘oogh’ …
[can’t wait; N10 is a blast. Aren’t we happy that we don’t use Avid?]

Absolutely! I usually just pull it into Logic and export as MOV. But, there are times when I need to send across quick short clips to the video editor and it’s been such a pain doing that with Nuendo. :frowning:

Although, Nuendo does save me time with its built-in loudness normalization.

I think it would be nice if they updated us on the status of 10.2, unless I missed it. After all, the last word on this from Timo seems to be that it would be released in July, so I think Timo should give us an update since it’s already end of business over in Germany today and therefore, July is basically over for them.

And BTW, I don’t want them to rush it either. I want it to be solid. But if they want to continue the good spirit of communication as they have been doing in recent times, it would be cool if we got another update from Timo.

But correct me if I’m wrong and missed an update from him!

We’re waiting this feature since N8 if I can remember well.
It was scheduled for several times to this month of July. So any word?

I hope it comes today.

Or today. Can’t wait for this version!


Come on SB. How about you were in timeline?
Can you explain us if any delay (obvious) is expected?

“User-definable” Video Export, e.g., ten seconds of video from any section of the time-line.

Yes sireebob! No more going into Premiere/FCP just to manually add crap like 2 second pip or whatever!

Wait, they talked about july 2019 or only “july”?

holly … good point :laughing:

Sadly, the promises of more communication and more frequent updates never seem to last. After a couple of posts we always get radio silence again, as if we were on the dark side of the moon with no contact with Houston.

And the silences last a lot longer than when Michael Collins was actually circling the Moon.

If we can land men on the Moon and bring them safely back to Earth, surely keeping in touch with your money source (the users) can not be that difficult.