10.2 Release Date?

Doesn’t matter to me now. As much as I’d like Video Export, I’m not willing to give up Transparent Mode to get it. So I’m staying with N10.0.20. :angry:

Hi there,

unfortunately a show stopper issue discovered during Beta testing is forcing us to delay the release of N10.2 in one more week. We are now aiming to release this update (with video export functionality) on the first September week.

I’m sorry for any inconveniences caused.

All the best,

Thanks for the update Luis but what are we going to do about our Trial versions of N10 that are expiring in the next few days? - When we started the trial versions we were expecting to be able to include testing N10.2 as it was promised for the first week of July!

Sorry. But i need a new trial time after the 10.2

I was lucky!

My Nuendo trial time was 720 “run time” hours. I don’t know why they changed it. :frowning:

Really? When did you get that version?

Does it NOT count down the days when you are not using it?

Thanks for the update, Luis! Please kill that showstopping issue! We don’t need a rush job that then requires another patch. Just make it super solid, super-reliable, kill the bugs, even if it takes a little longer. The main thing is to please keep us posted. And for the folks that have run out of trial time, please allow them to have a new trial when the update is released!

That was V 6.5, in 2014.

Those were the days!

No new delays have been announced, so today is the day. Isn’t?

I think that ‘…the first September week’ means the first week of September. So not today.

Yes, it will be first week of September.

Oh, I missed last post from Luis, so I kept end of August

10.2 is in Steinberg Download Assistant now!

Awesome. Thank you. :purple_heart:

Trying now.

ENFIN !!! :slight_smile:

Is there a list of the fixes?


Thank you! :slight_smile: