10.3 Bug with iZotope RX Plugs in DOP


I like 10.3 so far very much but has anybody else an issue with the RX Plug-Ins used in DOP?
Nuendo hangs if I try to load my presets from the Favourites. When I load the Plug-Ins from the menu it works, but when I return to that clip DOP at a later moment, Nuendo hangs again. Processes like Normalizing work fine so far.
Is there probably some workaround?



I’m having the same problem… Bug?


I try a preset with mouthdeclick and no problem for me.


So it’s probably a Mac-thing? iZotope an DOP are not the very best of friends, are they?

MacOS High Sierra…

For what it’s worth, I’m working on a Mac in High Sierra right now, and am not experiencing the problem you report. Applying lots of favorites-- mostly De-Click, RX Connect, De-Plosive, De-Crackle. This is using iZotope RX Advanced 7.


Have you created your Favorites with the VST2 versions of your plugins, and are you running their VST3 versions now?
Just guessing …


I’m guessing that’s a pretty good guess. Starting a couple of updates ago I began the practice of removing the VST2 plugins from the installation, mostly because of redundancy and possibility for confusion in the plugins menus. Maybe that’s why I’m not having problems…


I’m also using VST3 only. The system is pretty similar to Chewy’s. Hmmm…
On our Mojave machine I am not having the issues I have on the High Sierra machines. Maybe I’m gonna try an OS update.


I upgrade my macOS to mojave and it seems that everything is woking now…

I just tried to use RX7 Voice Denoise today in 10.3, but in Windows. Nothing crashed, but it would process and there would be random chunks of silence. Turn it off, turn it back on, and I’d get the same thing but in different places. Finally gave up and just processed the file in the standalone app.

Chicken (lol), that sometimes happens when you’re running something in demo mode. You sure you’re running it in ‘full’ mode? (sorry if that’s a dumb question, just mentioning it to eliminate stuff).

I’ve been experiencing the same issue, but failed to get a proper repro.
But it is officially reported as a bug.


Hmm… Well maybe it was just broken now that you mention it but I will have to try again tomorrow; when I did apply the plugin, I did get the iZotope ‘authorize’ dialog, in spite of the fact the dongle is always plugged in. This just seems to happen from time to time and I’ve never figured out why. But I just clicked “Authorize” and it exclaimed success & happiness, and the plugin popped up.

But perhaps it was still mentally stuck in demo mode anyway. I didn’t even think of that, for some reason I had it in my head it puts beeps in if it wasn’t authorized.

So thanks… might possibly be a false alarm :laughing:

Oh thanks for the info Fredo (we were both replying at the same time apparently :slight_smile:

I have the same thing. It add’s silence after to the rendered clip (de-click in my case). I think it has to do with the tail (you can set it in then DOP window). When I put it at 1000ms, it renders silence, when I put it at 0ms is doesn’t.

I’m on a MacPro 5.1 running at High Sierra.

Best, Alan