10.3 & High Sierra

Is 10.3 supported in high sierra?

According to info on the steinberg’s site it is, but cubase 10.5 is not, so I’m wondering if that info is out of dat.
What’s the definitive answer?


I have High Sierra and 10.3

I’m having some issues… Mainly with plugins in DOP.

I’ve just started the demo period, so far it’s been quite unstable, multiple crashes just using standard features.
I’m not sure it is compatible with high Sierra.

Still on 10.12 Sierra here - 10.3 seems OK so far… early days…

not having too many problems here with my setup…

Spoke too soon - Nuendo requires the latest e-licenser, last year I had huge problems with e-licenser crashes and have been using the 32 bit version.

All well for 2 hours and then N10 quits in the middle of a mix down, followed by a series of e-licenser errors…

For now I’ve reinstalled the 32bit e-licenser and gone back to N8. Not sure if I’ll be able to use N10 without giving my computer an OS heart transplant

I think I remember you commenting in my eLicensor thread about this. Haven’t tried 10.3 yet (just found out), but I solved the vast majority of my eLicensor issues from last year by upgrading to the very latest USB dongle (I previously had an old one). Sucks we still have to rely on hardware copy-protection (case-in-point example!), but FWIW the dongle upgrade finally made Nuendo usable for me…

Hi jpgtr

Yes that was me. Many of us went through crashing hell (2 months for me) before finding the 32bit app fixed it (in my case) Along the way I bought 2 new dongles (one each for Nuendo and Cubase) which helped a bit but didn’t solve the issue. I’m glad it worked for you.

Yesterday I installed a fresh partition with High Sierra, we’ll see if that does it.

For now I won’t be able to use N10 unless/until I find a fix.

Nope, that didn’t work sigh

Back to N8 and support ticket raised…

I’ve got High Sierra on the laptop I’m working on here on the road…installed 10.3 yesterday and have been working with it ever since.

I haven’t had any issues with my elicenser, nor any operational problems at all (still missing Transparent Events, but it seems that ship has sailed :slight_smile: ).

I did have one weird installation glitch. Started with the smaller update from 10.X, and it didn’t install the Padshop sound library, causing an alert to show at startup. I reinstalled with the full version, and had the same issue. Went to the “Additional Content” folder in the installer, found the missing library and dropped it in where it was supposed to go, and everything appears to be working as it should. No idea why it was being left out.

All in all, very much enjoying the improvements in this update. It seems snappier-- though I have no empirical data to support this feeling.


Just to update from my side, after a bumpy start, I’ve had a couple days trouble free doing my usual workload, Nuendo actually feels a little more responsive than cubase 10.

The only gripe I have at the moment is the infamous “red line” on selected events, I much prefer the way cubase handles this.

Yeah - I don’t like the red outline either. Looks tacky…

Yup… I know every says “just don’t use red for parts” but then… why have red in the palette? May as well dispense with red then :wink:

As a very recent crossgrader from Cubase (couldn’t resist the 40% discount offer) I can only agree. The red outline is extremely annoying when you’re used to the behaviour of Cubase all the way since version 4, or even earlier versions, where the selected events get inverted instead. As I believe Steinberg wants to attract Cubase users with their current offer, it would totally make sense if they made it an option. It should be a pretty simple thing to do, shouldn’t it? I mean just just add “Selection style: Inverted/Outline” to Event Display -> Audio in Preferences and there we go. Everybody will be happy. Please do this!