10.3 metering prefs

Great update, have worked though all of that with older projects, film work etc.

new metering prefs are a wonderful idea, but unfortunately they don’t work (building new prefs from scratch etc). Select & apply but none of them ‘stick’, just stays with the default orange meters. Also would appear that is no longer DIY to set up your own break points & colours.

Not working on Windows either.

Does it still happen if you use safe start mode?


Working here on my system unless I may be missing something. Sorry if I am asking a really dumb question. Have you checked the actual loudness meter on the control room metering section?

Here is my

And, here is my

Mine doesn’t work either. I can make the selection in the preference menu, click apply, ok and go right back in and it’s set to the default.


Same here.

Not working here either, resets to default