10.3 reverence and izotope issues

Besides all that gui issues with readable (or not readable things) i’m not able to use reverence in DOP anymore. It produces either clicks or silence within the clip and the reverb doesn’t seem to be calculated properly (sounds wobbly somehow). Besides, when having clips that are imported via Field Recorder and RX 7 De-Click being applied on those clips it shifts those clip to a completely wrong position (as if you shifted it by holding alt+shift on a pc) So it always does when de-clicking the whole project globally.
Furthermore when using the range marking tool and applying de-click on that section it produces a small piece of complete silence at the beginning of the range which it didn’t in 10.2. (Try different settings of de-click if you can’t confirm)

All in all 10.3 really seems more like a Beta Version than a publishable Update. Please do better testing when publishing updates, it starts getting annoying.