10.5.10 Update from 10.0.x?

I’m confused by the Cubase update released today (Feb 3). For Cubase 10.5 users, the update is straightforward but for Cubase 10.0.x users, the update reads “Cubase Pro / Artist 10.5.10 Update from 10.0.x · 1.3 GB. Requires an existing Cubase Pro/Artist 10.0.x installation.”

I have Cubase Pro 10.0.50. Does this mean Cubase 10.0.x users are receiving a free update to Cubase 10.5.10? Will this overwrite my installation of 10.0.50 or create a fresh installation of 10.5.10? I’ve checked the Steinberg forums, Download Center, and Download Assistant, but there’s no Release Notes or other clues to answer these questions. And I hate to install anything on my mission-critical DAW when I don’t know exactly what it’s doing.

Any assistance is appreciated.

No, although that would be nice! There is no update for 10.0.x, the latest is currently 10.0.50 for Pro/Artist. The product you have is “Cubase 10”, not “Cubase 10.5”. In Steinbergish, a “point five” version is effectively a (paid) release.

One way to be sure is to go to the Support section of the main website, select Downloads, select your product (you’ll see there are seperate entries in the drop-down list for “Cubase 10” and “Cubase 10.5”) and then you’ll see what’s available.

Aha! I see my mistake now. I followed a link from a third-party discussion forum directly to the 10.5 downloads page without realizing it.

Unfortunately, I’m experiencing Cubase failures with a mission-critical project and have been working with Steinberg US Support for almost a week now. Other 10.x users are experiencing similar symptoms and we’re holding our collective breaths for a fix. As such, I jumped at this update without thinking. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.