[] - Video follows edit mode not working at all

  1. Program/feature area:
    Project page

  2. Type of issue: (crash / freeze / wrong behaviour / annoying / gui issue etc.)
    wrong behaviour

  3. Issue description:
    Whenever I enable “Video follows Edit mode” Cubase
    doesn’t change the cursor to the Video follows edit mode cursor.

In 10.0 everything works as expected

  1. Steps to reproduce:
  • create new Project
  • enable “Video follows Edit mode”
    = Play cursor stays visible and doesn’t follow mouse clicks and selections
  1. Expected behavior or outcome:
    As introduced in Cubase 10.0 (taken from Nuendo playbook)
    the “Video follows Edit mode” should work as it does in Nuendo and Cubase pre 10.5.

I’ve installed Cubase 10.5 several times on my machine but “Video follows Edit mode” just won’t enable at all


Are you sure this is a bug?

I could imagine this is an intended change, because of Cubase users whose were complaining the cursor disappears suddenly. And the reason was, they switched the Edit Mode on (by accident).