10.5.12 build 123 crashes each time I quit...

P’tit lu all…

Here is a problem not too annoying, but which nevertheless deserves to be resolved.
Each time I quit Cubase, I experiment this message.
Screen Shot -2020-04-11 at 19-14-30.PNG
Screen Shot -2020-04-11 at 19-13-55.PNG
I tried to uninstal/reinstal Cubase and contents. But it still the same.
Joined CrashDump:
Cubase 64bit 2020.4.11 (366 KB)
Thank you for help.


The crash is related to ReWire. Do you use any ReWire connected?

Thanks for answer.
Not using ReWire actually.
I’ll try to unable it in the project.

How do you read the DMP Crash file?

OMG!!! THAT’S IT!!! I just tried ti unable Ableton ReWire, and now! Cubase shut-off perfectly!!!
Than you!

So, could that be a problem while I use Live or Reason in sync via ReWire?


The problem is, if there is more than one ReWire component installed in your system or if there is an old component installed. As far as I know, Ableton is installing an old ReWire component.

Oh, I see…
My Ableton Live is a old version 8. Do you thing last version could instal a newer version of ReWire?
I don’t plan to upgrade my Live licence, but if it could fix the problem, why not.


Unfortunately the installer would keep the older ReWire version there. But if you keep just the ReWire installed by Cubase (1.8.7), then it’s totally perfect.