I would like to report continuing E Licensor (dongle) bugs in Cubase 10.5. 12 for Mac (Mojave)

  1. If I quit Cubase and then reopen it within a few minutes the Software will not open and says there is an e licensor error and no dongle can be found
  2. If I turn on a midi controller keyboard on while Cubase is booting it says no e licensor found and will not load
  3. If I try to open the Steinberg custom loops in Cubase I get a message saying the E licensor has lost connection and the software crashes.

Please do something about your E licensor issues. Every time the e licensor fails, the restoration process (dumping cubase preferences restarting and downloading new e licensor software and rescanning takes about an hour)
There e licence software is ridiculously fragile ,. Steinberg claims that it resolved the synsopos issue are not the whole story, please can you examine this as I am losing work due to serious delays

thank you


How old is your USB-eLicenser, please? Is it the latest (purple) one?