10.5.12 Warp Algorithm Issue

I always choose Standard Plucked algorithm for the bass guitar warping and happy with the results. This time after the warping process I (as I always do) tried to bounce the track before converting it back to mono and noticed that my bass notes changed the location. It happens every time I choose Standard Plucked algorithm! In any other one everything is ok.
I remember that the same thing was in 10.0.30 but after the update everything worked fine.
Am I missing something or is it Steinberg again?

Thank you!

Short video with the issue demonstration:

Has anyone tried to reproduce this behaviour?
This bug drives me crazy! It happened again when I tried to edit some guitar tracks.
Something is definitely wrong with Standard Plucked audio warp algorithm in 10.5.12!
The most interesting part is that in Cubase 10.0.50 everything works as it should.

Interesting thing: when musical mode in audio warp table is activated (I had to rewarp everything) the bounce process works as it should i.e. the the sound stays on its place. No shift at all.
There is definitely something wrong. An issue. But I’d like to understand if the issue is in my understanding of warping or the issue is in Cubase.