10.5.20 and Automap

Have tried everything possible with C10.5.20 to get Automap working .

Using the Beta Automap server for C10
Scanned plugin’s which tells me 52 have been Automaped
Lunch C10.5.20
Load a project .
Mixer working fine with Automap
Instruments working fine with automap

BUT only one Steinberg plugin is working . My SugarBytes have wrapped and work but absolutely no non of the stock FX’s work .
Im sure i have setup all the correct paths of the scanning in the server .

Has anyone else had this issue . I have spoken to Novation and even thou they are brilliant support they are not going to do any future updates so Cubase 10 is the last supported version .

It’s strange that all other features work apart from the stck plugin’s
C8.5 on the same comp works perfectly with Automap

the stock plugins can be wrapped, but the big meter disappears, cubase plugin set.vst3. didn’t you notice that? i don’t wrap the stock plugins, only padshop 2.

it works in my case, but if you use the mouse the change a parameter, it lags… i reported this to novation beta, they could reproduce it.
i have still contact with novation beta, for the bugs i reported, but it sitll unclear, if there will be a windows version, with the bugs gone.
the reply on my latest e-mail, isn’t yet there…

cubase 10.5 is supported, no probs, and all other versions will be supported. (see later in this message)

in a way, automap works independtly from the host. even native instruments maschine i can use automap…

so for the stock plugins in the set, you get problems.

i never went for one solution, so i can remote control (bidirectional) steinberg stock plugins (nektar panaroma p1, MCU).

the components that novation automap installs, when you get cubase 11, or 11.5 for instance, and automap server doesn’t recognize them, you can transfer the components to the components directory of steinberg.
they are only needed for daw control. so automap will work for later versions, until windows drops 32 bit support, or something else, a depency, or i don’t know, automap can survive for years. but no way to tell. but windows dropping 32 bit support can be a long time.

so i do not experience that they can’t be controlled with automap (or the last time i tried, could be cubase pro 10…), but the wrapping is problematic. it is shell, the set.

Thanks for the reply Howl
The big meter was the main reason i was trying to keep automap off the C10 as i wanted all the display to behave . I’ve used automap since it was released . C8.5 has the big meter bug but i’ve always wrapped the Vst3 set to use the stock plugin’s .

The strange thing is , the beta server says it has wrapped all of the plugin’s but C10 doesn’t seem to scan them , i have checked all my directories and they are setup correctly but still no joy .
I was thinking of leaving it how it is for the instruments and mixer/transport and doing as you said purchasing another controller for the plugin’s .,
It’s a shame the CMC AI stopped production .
If the big meter issue is still there with C10.5 then i’ll leave it

cubase has some difficulty to detect the wrappers, for vst3 plugins.
i always unwrap them before updating. or leave them unwrapped when first installed.

start cubase, close cubase. detects the new vst3 plugins (and vst2 plugins).

then wrap the plugins i want to wrap. then start cubase, don’t work.

close cubase. open cubase again, and yes i can use automap.

so it works for me for third party plugins.

i also have a nektar panaroma p1, with some work, you can make full maps with nektarine, there wrapper, like komplete kontrol.
but i only use nektarine to make mappings. in the facebook group of nektar users, it is explained.

or a MCU clone, like behringer x-touch daw (nice oled screens…). you can control plugins with it. and motorized faders… but that is personal, i bought the MCU (2003 version) second hand. i liked the behringer, but was too expensive in my country. but me like my old MCU. works still without problems.

EDIT: did i read your first post wrong? i always forget how to get the vst3 wrappers get to work, strangely, and i have automap for 3 years, not that long.
but it works.

EDIT 2: eventide plugins just updated, for example, first unwrapped, simply load cubase and close.
then wrap them. load cubas and close. (i always try one plugin, blackhole for instance, no automap).
then load cubase again, the blackhole automap loaded (i reinstalled automap server for a problem, or problem, that wasn’t related…),
sp2016 and spring reverb wrapped, and choose the map. works.

not all eventide plugins i have mapped yet.

EDIT 3: the procedure for ableton is quite different for example. there the wrappers must be first. or else no go.
if i forget that. i copy the vst3 plugins to another directory. load ableton. close ableton. copy all vst3 plugins with the wrappers. and then open ableton again. then it works. (EDIT 4: no it doesn’t… what was the procedure again?).
in reaper no probs, but for you never know which of the 2 vst3 versions, is the automap version…

still like automap, by the way. and will try to get novation crazy that they make a last beta, or full version. or make it open source, or i will program it myself… (i am out of touch with programming so the last statement is too bold…)