10.5.20 exit time greatly improved!

Since updating to 10.5.20, exit times – both after closing a project and closing Cubase – have decreased significantly. Better still, 10.5.20 has not crashed once on exit since the update. In contrast, 10.5.12 used to crash ~50% of the time.

This is very encouraging and greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure if this type of improvement is what Matthias was thinking about when he wrote what’s shown below, but it definitely is not boring. Quite the contrary, it is very exciting to be able to use Cubase without getting frustrated and angry.

Please keep these types of improvements coming! I’d like to start upgrading again.



Do you use FabFilter? On other thread, I have just read, there is an update of this plug-in, which causes much faster Cubase quit.

If you have any crash, attach the *.dmp file, here, please.
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps