10.5.20 Sampler Track File Location STILL not fixed when backed up.

Sampler tracks STILL do not recall their correct file location after ‘Prepare Archive’ and backing up a project to a new folder. They still reference the OLD file location, rendering backups useless if any original files are removed. This has been going on since Sampler Tracks were introduced. Steinberg acknowledge this issue over a year ago. Lost for words at this point.

I had some hope when I saw a comment in the release notes, but no… still does not work.

Does no one else here archive their projects? Very surprised no one else seems interested in this massive oversight.

I feel your frustration. What works for me (and I hate this process), is the back up your project ONE more time, from your current backup. You can create a new empty folder, but you’ll need to give it a different name.

For me, backing up TWICE is what will force the audio files location to its new one.


You might be the only person who is using it :slight_smile:.

There is a surprising number of new features in recent updates (mixer snapshots, audio alignment, sampler track, spectral comparison eq, etc.), all of which, how shall I put this, fall short of being useful. IMHO trying to fix sampler tracks probably isn’t the best way forward. Instead Steinberg should start over from scratch and do something like Ableton’s Simpler or Apple’s quick sampler.

It’s usefulness is definitely in it’s immediacy, but the fact it doesn’t retain file location when backing up projects makes its immediacy redundant.

For my workflow, Sampler Tracks is been the best thing Steinberg has added to Cubase in years. That I can’t back up my projects reliably (and this has been going on since their introduction) means I have to render Sampler Tracks (and I often use 20+ in a project) to Audio before backing up. It’s a poor work around, and something that would seemingly appear to be easy to fix. They acknowledge this bug over a year ago and continue to ignore it.

Exactly. I may have a kick drum my desktop, for example, which I’ve used as a Sampler Track. Of course, in two months time that kick may no longer be there. And the fact that you cannot save sampler track presets (again, file location is not stored) adds further insult to injury.

Here’s the problem. After ‘Prepare Archive AND Back Up Project’ all audio files are archived correctly. But as you can see, many Sampler tracks point to the original file location, not the newly created folder. It doesnt matter how many times I do this process, I can never get a reliable backup. It also means I cannot share the project for collabs without first rendering all Sampler Tracks to audio first. Which kind of defeats the whole point of Sampler Tracks! Again, yet another half-baked feature that has been neglected for new features which are also still half baked.

Groove Agent SE have the same problem. Should be fixed ASAP.

I really want to be able to save sampler track presets.


Saving of presets is an outrageous thought. Give it another 5 years and we might just be able to save and archive our work properly. But I have my doubts, since they continue bloat the software with seemingly endless features and don’t bother to fix the basics.

Its very annoying, I collab with another cubase user and he uses Groove Agent alot, he send me backups and I have to go back to him everytime and get him to find the files, which because of time differences can take half a day. Now I know why!

It wastes my time and his, surely this can’t be a big fix?

It’s been going on for years. Insane.

So i backed-up a Cubase 11.0.10 full project just now.
Maybe 8-9 Sampler Tracks used.

And guess what?

Sampler Tracks have NO CONTENT, and no audio.

WTF Steinie fix this ASAP, how can we use the sampler track if it doesnt backup archives? Does this mean i have to manually archive all the Sampler Track content? This is super difficult to do, time consuming and easier with 3rd party plugins (hello…New Sonic Arts Vice, anyone?)