10.5.20 Update

Hi All
If I upgrade to 10.5.0, will I still have to apply this update?


If you want to run 10.5.0 - No.
If you want to run 10.5.20 - quite obviously yes.

Ok, thanks. Usually if you buy the latest program versions, they’ll come with the latest updates. Apparently not in this case.

The Steinberg Download Assistant lets you access both the updates to 10.5.20 from previous versions and also a full installer for 10.5.20 so it depends on what you are starting from.

If you just fire up the Download Assistant you can see for yourself what’s available.

I’ll be starting from 10.0.60. Thanks for the heads up Rodger.

I am also considering the purchase of a 10.5 update and, as Suprawill1, I would do it from 10.0.60, but some things are still not clear.
I have downloaded the 10.5 Readme pdf document from the Steinberg download assistant. About the installation, I see this :

• Update Installer: Choose this installer to update an existing Cubase 10 installation on your system to Cubase 10.5.
• Full Installer: Choose this installer if no Cubase version is installed on your system or if the installed Cubase version is older than Cubase 10.

The concern is that I absolutely want to keep my 10.0.60 installation, which is rock stable, here. IOW, what I actually want is to have 10.5.20 installed additionally to it. From which, two questions :

  1. Do I need the full installer for this, or is there a kind of content copy/share (Halion SE, GA, plug-ins, etc.) process during the installation ?
  2. When installing 10.5, will there still be an automatic import of the preferences, key commands, etc. as it used to happen in the C6 days ?

Thanks for any enlightment. :bulb:

  1. Both the full installer and the update installer will leave you with the exact same configuration when finished. You will have both C10.0.60 and and C10.5.20 independently installed side-by-side. Both versions will point to wherever you have your content stored. The biggest difference is the full will download everything and the update will download only what you need which is typically much smaller.

  2. In theory yes. But for a few folks it doesn’t happen and they need to manually copy some files. No one seems to have a good explanation for what causes this. Personally, I’ve always had the installation copy everything fine (knock on wood).

Ha ! Makes sense. So (and correct me if I’m wrong…), in all cases the upgrades are installed in parallel, no matter which versions : that’s what I wasn’t remembering well. Beside this, I guess that in example, Halion SE3 content hasn’t changed from 10.0 to 10.5 but has from 9.5 and older, from which it appears only in the full installer. Contrarily, all what is related to Padshop 2 is probably included in both installers, as it is strictly a new 10.5 content.

Thank for clarifying all this, Rodger… :sunglasses:

You’re obviously misinformed. Or nitpicking as usual.