10.5.5 problem open Arousor

I try to insert vst3 plugin but with Arousor crash everytime ! Cubase 10 open it without problem . Why ???

I have exactly the same with arousor.

And also McDsp

I was in contact with Empirical Labs and got this reply:

Unfortunately, Arousor rev 2.2 is still very unstable. Rev 2.1 should be stable on Cubase 10.5
You can download Arousor rev 2.1 at the bottom of our downloads page.
We will be patching this bug soon!

I installed 2.1 and so far it seems to work.

Somewhat weird that they don’t have this info on their download page. Hmmmmmm.

but also McDsp…

there are more crash !!! why ? I pay for it but not can use it ! I pay for original plugin on 10 works on 10.5.5 impossible too work! and now???

Did you install 2.1 and it still crashes?
It actually fixed things for me.

yes i’ve try but not works :frowning: