10.5.5 update

Updated today from V7 to V10pro. But when I want to run the 10.5.5 update I need 30GB free disk space. Is that normal for an update that takes only 650mb itself? Is there another way? Since I don’t have so much free space…

Hi and welcome,

If you want to install the whole content, you need around 30GB free disk. You can customise the installation and skip the content installation.

It needs that much space to install, but it won’t actually use that space once finished updating, So if there’s something you can easily/temporarily move off the drive, i’d do that, and put it back on after the update.

Just to also recommend that WinDirStat for windows, or Disk Inventory X for mac are both great apps for seeing whats on your drive to help assess what could be removed if you need to create more space. i.e. i’ve had Spotify using 4-5GB on my main drive before, and i wasn’t aware until i scanned the drive.

I’ve noticed this with most, if not all of the Cubase updates too.

To me it seems as though the installer simply isn’t customised for the update and uses the same routines as the full installation.
As skijumptoes mentioned, it doesn’t actually use the space at all… so… needing to move files around pointlessly doesn’t make any sense.

Yes you can work around it, but should you have too. I actually can’t think of one other program where you go to install a small patch and it blocks you from installing it due to not having enough space… that it doesn’t even need! :stuck_out_tongue: