10.5 AI Dropouts

Hi all,
I mostly enjoy using Cubase 10.5 but there’s a couple of things that annoy me.
Firstly sometimes the Steinberg ur 22c driver drops out for no reason even when it’s open and not being used. Then when I try to play back recorded audio there is no sound. Sometimes by changing the Khtz from 48 which I use to 96 and back again it will re engage itself. Mostly I have to close Cubase unplug the USB cable then replug and reopen which usually makes it works again.
The other annoying thing is it suddenly decides to change from 48 to 41.1 khtz for no particular reason then I have to change the driver settings as in the first peeve.
It would be helpful if the driver and khtz settings could be locked by ticking a checkbox like the previous DAW I used.
Does anyone else has have these issues???

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Please increase your Audio Device Buffer Size.

I usually increase the buffer size once I have a few audio tracks recorded. I watch the computer resources meter in Cubase and when it is getting high I increase the buffer size.
What is a recommended buffer size when setting up a project. I have a moderately fast win 10 machine with SSD. I do all my recording at 24 bit 48khtz.


Sorry, there is no clear recommendation. It depends on the specific system (hardware and software) and its shape.