10.5 and 10 on the same system?

Hi All-

Just upgraded to 10.5…cool!

although what’s with the ugly battleship gray,…geez, how depressing to stare at.

I know the colors can be changed

Is there a way to change colors globally, so that all projects will be affected. Changing colors per project is tedious.

Also, Can Cubase 10 be deleted or does it need to be on the system for 10.5 to work?



Color changes in Preferences should apply globally.
You can uninstall C10 if you don’t need it.

does not seem so depressing. This is my project.

Oh!!wait,…I see that now changes are global…ok. good sorry I didn’t see that at first…and yes…axeleon…that looks pretty, nice job!


But many of us would advise you to wait awhile before deleting the older version until you know all works as expected. You can open Projects freely between the 2 versions and even have both open with different Projects at the same time. My old versions of Cubase only go away when a new PC comes along (I think C8 is currently the oldest installed).

10.5 can be installed parallel to 10.0. There’s really not much difference, so if your’re still testing 10.0, you might as well uninstall 10.0 because your concerns will be the same – you might as well test on 10.5.

In my case, I’m still using C9.5, so 10.0 is uninteresting, given that we have 10.5.

On that topic, (i use a Mac)
I see that my 10.5 hub shows my projects… but i’m wondering about the VST instruments, like Halion and Synthmaster…etc
I would hope and imagine that if i delete my 10.0, all my favourites i’ve flagged in instruments will remain ?
i imaging that the 10.5 install does not write over my VST stuff ?

which brings me to ANOTHER SUBTOPIC

suppose i install a new version of a VST, i wonder if the favourites are written over… Should i make a copy of some preset[setting file ? or does any new VST version not write over that stuff… (it would nice actually to know where the FAVORITES are saved, so i can copy them to another computer if i have to