10.5 and VST connect crash, issues

Hello all. I really want to get this VST Connect pro going, but find a lack of set up info resources. Also, not that I updated to latest 10.5 and latest VST Pro 4, Cubase is crashing constantly. Please advise with any info.
Why does it seem so few people are even using this???
Thanks much

try http://remocord.com/vstconnect, better?

To be honest Trevor, the reason why so few people use it is that it doesn’t work, the only ‘help’ you will get is a link (I see you have been given it) - its OK but it will not get it working.
The only way to get it working is if someone connects to you to give you the opportunity to play about with your settings etc… but as I said so few people use it that you will stand little chance of finding someone.
I tried setting up VST connect on my PC and VST performer on my Mac but unfortunately, they will not connect if they are on the same internet. If it was possible to do this it would give people the chance to use it and figure it out. I downloaded the Trial Pro version but had no success with it so I certainly won’t be purchasing it unless some miracle happens and I get it working. I have joined quite a few large Cubase groups on FaceBook and still have not found anyone who has successfully used it…

the link provides more so pls check the latest before you jump to conclusions.
It is well possible to connect locally with the PRO version.

I tried PRO because of my problems… but PRO also crashes. So my TRAIL Period is ended. Could you extend it?

pls wait just a few more days.

you may also ask m.spork(at)steinberg.de reg. license. He also has to take care of his little daughter though, so it may take until tomorrow. Different times…