10.5: Automation horizontal " onscreen guidelines

Sorry, have read the manual, but searching the Forum did not work out as I did not know what so search for - I’m Norwegian so my english is so and so…

What I want/need is the horizontal “guidelines” that appeared onscreen as I write automation values, you know; the ones that make it easy to hit the same value as earlier or later in a project just by looking at these guidelines. At the moment I have to read out the numeric value of the automation…
I’m sure it’s there (I had it before I made the leap from 5.5. to 10.5), but where…?
Thanks in advance!!

Hm… I think you are talking about the Cross-Hair Cursor…

Spot on! Bingo! Thank you so much!!
(and I learned a new word) :wink:

You’re værsågod! Where’s my lutefisk?


I do not speak Norwegian