10.5 CPR hangs after Export Audio

Windows 10 64. I have a CPR originally created in Cubase 8 which I imported into 10.5. After several edits and saves it now frequently hangs in the following ways:

  1. Export Audio. Gets to 100% and then hangs. Have to use TaskMgr to end Cubase. OR

  2. Run Export Audio–which seems to go fine. But then afterward, I start editing again and when I zoom or move the cursor to another position, again Cubase freezes. Have to use TaskMgr to end Cubase.

I’ve tried attaching a ZIP of the CPR but it’s too large for your file loader.

How do I get it to you guys so you can do some analysis as to WTF is going on?


Could you please attach a DMP file? Use Microsoft ProcDump utility, if Cubase doesn’t create any white hanging.

Where exactly is the DMP file to be found?

By default the DMP file is in the same directory as ProcDump.exe

I looked around for DMP files. They are not being created when this problem occurs (although I found some for -other- Cubase crashes in the past.)

When I attempt to run ProcDump64 , Cubase will not load the CPR in question as numerous plugs give an error “This plug-in cannot run with debugger…”

These include:
Ivory Piano
Softube plugs
UAD plugs

So… again… where do I send the ZIP file to SB for analysis?


The DMP file generated by Cubase (if Cubase generates any) is here:
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps


Then I would say the plug-ins are not working properly and the plug-ins crash Cubase.

You can upload the DMP file to Dropbox (or similar service) and share the link here.

As I keep writing, there is no DMP file. The CPR won’t -load- so long as Procdump64 is running–because of those plug-ins.


What exactly does it mean? Does Cubase crash during loading the project already? Is then a DMP file generated by ProcDump? If yes, could you share this DMP file?