10.5 crashes

After I press Quit Cubase crashes.
Cubase 10.5_2019-11-15-153139_Mac-Pro.crash (122 KB)
Also the program crashes when I close a project and try to open a new one.
Cubase 10.5_2019-11-15-141848_Mac-Pro.crash (127 KB)
Started to happen immediately after update to 10.5. In 10.0.5 everything was fine.

Thank you!

Both crashes are in Waves 9.91, threads 62 and 47 respectively (one exception indicates X-Noise).
You might want to look into how to clear settings/prefs for the plugins (one crash indicates clearly a library).
Or perhaps try and install 9.92. High Sierra is an unsupported OS for 10.5, though.

Thank you!

Ok, after updating Waves to 9.92 everything works as it should.
I’m sorry to spill it here but can’t stand it: It’s a pitty that 10.5 is unsupported OS for High Sierra since all versions of 10s were buggy crap during the whole year. And it is not a nice position to be left with unsupported OS and buggy Cubase.
Anyway 10.5 works fine now on High Sierra and I hope it will be like this at least up to the version 11(when I suppose Steinberg will abandon Mojave).

so cubase 10.5 won’t work with high sierra why not 10.0.50 works fine