10.5 Expression Maps + Enter Project Cursor Position Bugs

First I think all the improvements in 10.5 are moving the program in the right direction and I’m very happy to see yearly updates.

That being said, there are two old bugs that DID NOT get fixed with the update.


  1. Enter Project Cursor position was broken with CB10.


I know that this user posted a “workaround” but it really should just go back to the way it was in CB9.5

2. There is a bug with expression maps and retro record. I was hoping with all the updates to retro record they would fix this, but they didn’t.


This bug has been around for a very long time and still no fix.

Please, please, please Steinberg fix these in the next maintenance update. They are so simple, yet really do affect users on a daily basis.


Number 1 drives me crazy and I’ve also run into number 2 a bunch. Please fix!