10.5 freezing if changing colors when sampler track is up

As the title says. If you change color from prefs when the sample track is loaded in the lower zone with any sound. Cubase freezes
How to recreate this:

  • Load up a sound in the sampler track in the lower zone but don’t close the lower zone
  • Go to cubase preferences
  • Change color scheme
  • Change it back to default
  • Cubase completely freezes and requires a force close

Here are the details if it helps:
Windows 10
Nvidia GT 730
Cubase Installed on SSD
Resolution: 1080p, no HDPi no Windows scaling
No other software running in the background

Update: I went ahead and did a fresh install. Cubase does not freeze anymore. That said, I do notice some sluggishness while switching schemes as mentioned by Steve in his post below.

I can only encourage everyone to open a ticket with these details via MySteinberg. Otherwise this won’t get the right or any attention…imho.

Test the repro, then confirm or say you can’t reproduce.

I followed the step-by-step sequence, but did not get the same result as the OP. I did notice some sluggishness while switching color themes, but no freeze up.

Thanks for looking it up. Here is an update regarding this issue:
My previous installation was a 9.5.40 to a 10.0 update. Since then, I went ahead and did a fresh install. Cubase does not freeze or crash anymore. That said, I also notice some sluggishness like you mentioned.