10.5 - Gaining real estate on the bottom, and getting rid of R side panel?

Hi :slight_smile:

  1. Any way to get (stretch) the project window all the way down to the bottom (like it used to be)? There is this unused real estate that I would like to make use of.

  2. The R side panel - any way to hide that, to gain that real estate as well?

  3. Any way to change the color of the MIDI track from that white that it currently is? I dont see anything in the prefs for that. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Click on the third button from the left in the top row to hide the side panel. And yes, you can easily change track colors, use the paint palette icon in the middle of the top row.

You rock - thank you! Got the right panel hidden, and I figured out how to get the entore window stretched too.

“use the paint palette icon in the middle of the top row.”

You mean the button that says, Select Color For Selected tracks or events? That doesn’t seem do it.


That’s actually a Toolbar that for some reason has every button on it hidden - that’s not how it looks by default. Anyway, if you click the gear button in the lower right corner you can select which buttons to display.

It should show you your Project Colors pallet to select from (mine is very customized so it won’t look like yours). You can setup your colors in Project>Project Colors Setup… if needed. Also when Coloring a Track make sure that no Parts or Events are select because it will color those instead of the Track.

It has every button hidden, b/c in an attempt to gain that real estate, I hid every button manually :slight_smile:

I wound up getting rid of that area by clicking setup window layout, and unticking transport bar

For the second part of your post, thank you, but there is nothing in Project>Project Colors Setup that does it. I am looking to change the color of the actual track:


Make sure that the track you want to change the color of is selected, and nothing else (i.e. no part(s) are selected). You can do that by first clicking on the track, and then in an empty area of the project window. Then, click on that button that says, “Select Color For Selected tracks or events”, and a list of color should show up, just pick one of those and that should do it. The Project Colors Setup dialog is just if you want to change the default colors.

Make sure that the track you want to change the color of is selected,


and nothing else (i.e. no part(s) are selected).


Then, click on that button that says, “Select Color For Selected tracks or events”, and a list of color should show up,

That is what happens…

and that should do it.

No, it doesn’t. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

It changes the panel to the left of the track, but not the track itself.

Yes I understand. But since your toolbar had no buttons it seemed possible your color pallet had no colors, and that is where you’d set them up - hence “if needed” The area you show you want to change can’t be changed. Changing the Track Color changes the part on the left.

change track color

EDIT and the Channel in the MixConsole too

I get what you are looking for now

Right - where that red arrow is pointing, that is what I want to change. But I cant. See:

No matter what I do, I can not change that white to anything else.

That’s because in the screenshots you’ve posted the Track is set to the default color (non-color???) so there is no color to show on the right portion of the Track.

There are 2 controls that do 2 different tasks.

  • The menu that looks like a painter’s pallet (A) lets you select the Track’s Color
  • After you select a Color it will be shown in the B area at full strength
  • The area marked C will show you the Color based on the Color Strength setting in Preferences - at “min.” it will show no Color and at “max.” it will be like B
  • However if the Track isn’t set to any Color, the Color Strength doesn’t have a Color to set the strength of - so it doesn’t impact anything. This is probably what is happening in your screenshot.


So, if I set the “painter’s pallet” looking icon to give the track color, as you allude to - that color does appear to the left, which is your area B. But the area marked C does not change regardless of the Color Strength setting in Preferences. If I set it to MAX, the track does not get the same color as B; in fact, it does not change at all.

FWIW, my tracks color all the way through (even the area marked C), so it’s definitely possible. @raino seems to be the expert here, so I’ll let him comment on why this may not be working for you :slight_smile:

That looks like it should work. Did you click Apply?

Well, I clicked ‘ok’, so same thing. It does not work. WTF am I doing wrong?

Oh, for cryin out loud.

The track doesn’t change color when it is selected. Good job SB! Oy vey.

Ok, so I can get a track to be whatever color I want - that means area C.

But what I would really like to do, is change the color on all tracks forever, so that I do not have to do this manually in each project. Something tells me this is not possible,

If you create a Template with colors on the Tracks, those are retained in any Projects created from it.

You might want to take a look at Track Presets which among lots of other stuff save their Color.

The Project Logical Editor can also be used to automate setting Track Colors - for example setting every Track with “Voc” in its title to green.

You can also set the default Color for each Track Type, both all the same or each one different.

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Ok, thank you!

A side note…and something well worth reading up on and practicing a little…

Templates are great when you’re in a position to start from scratch; but, what if you have big project already in the works and wish to automate the process of making swaths of changes to the project view like: rearrange, colorize, sort, shrink/expand (folders), hide/show, rename, etc?

Project Logic Editors can be used to ‘batch edit’ tracks/parts/elements based on various characteristics. I.E. Patterns in track names. Track Type, Container Type, Color, Etc…

Hence, it’s possible to reconfigure all sorts of things about your Project View using a sort of booleen logic, including setting colors of various elements of the GUI. I.E. You could have a one key command built that would seek out all grey audio tracks with the pattern “kick” in their name and turn them blue, then find any audio elements/parts in the track with the pattern ‘(A)’ in their names and turn those red. Then launch another logic editor that seeks out patterns ‘(B)’ in the element/part names and turns them yellow. Etc…

This stuff comes in handy for projects of all sizes, and if you do anything with 50 or more tracks, it can be a MAJOR time saver in finding/sorting/tagging stuff so it pops out and is easier to see/find/work-with.

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A related thought and #feature-request - the ability to apply a newer version of a template to a project that was based on a previous version of said template. Let me explain: I have a template for new songs that I change/improve about once a week, mostly with minor changes. However, if I start a new song based on that template, I am now stuck with that version of that template for that song, and would love to be able to import the latest changes from my ever-evolving template into that song. At times, when things get too out of sync, I just create a brand new song from a much newer version of that template, and then painstakingly import tracks from an older song into it, just so I can take advantage of the more recent changes of that ever evolving template. Having an automated way for such changes to “ripple through” or “be inherited” by songs that are based on an evolving template would be incredibly useful to me!