10.5 GUI Custom color preset preferences are not saved

I have tried to save in preferences my custom GUI color settings in Cubase Pro 10.5, but after closing Cubase it keeps resetting to the default color scheme when I reopen a saved project or even a new saved template.

I can tweak the color setting and create a new “Preference Preset” in preferences and after clicking “apply” or “OK” which correctly changes the overall color… but is again lost when I reopen Cubase. Is there a preference that needs to be trashed after updating to 10.5? Trying to figure if this is something on my end-(trashing system prefs) or a 10.5 bug??

Mac Pro OS 10.15.6

This is a known bug. For now, the best thing to do is set up your color preferences the way you wish, but DON’T save it as a preference. Simply close cubase, then re-open, and the color settings should appear correct and not default.

In the Custom Colors window, change any of the “Current Colour” numbers in each Color Picker pop window. This will then change the word Auto to User. Do this for each of the titles - Focus Color, Grid lines, whatever. When you’re done, click apply and also store a new or overwrite and existing preference. This has been working for me since Cubase 10. And I also just did it with 10.5 and it still works. So try that. Hopefully it should solve your problem.

Yes, this is what I found out today. Everything was saved correctly, but the color changes were not. So I decided to load up my “Preset 1“, made color changes and saved it under a different name, “Preset 2“.
It seems that Cubase does not accept saving color changes under an already existing preferences file name


Too many duplicates of this one post here on the forum. Better to link them, then duplicate…

It’s normal that this issue is duplicated.
There are duplicated posts because Steinberg doesn’t fix this problem after 1 year.
When Steinberg take care of this bug, users will stop talking of this problem.

The colors of my faders have turned transparent today. I checked Google for a solution…

No, still no solution.

Ok, I will spend my time in changing colors again.

I am angry with Steinberg for not solving this.