10.5 GUI request

Please don’t redesign the GUI - again. Its fine.

It was fine in Cubase 9 and 9.5 too.

All manpower resources to workflow and feature enhancements please

I don’t know what 9 was like as I went from 8.5 straight to 10 but the current GUI is gorgeous. Everything is so well designed and thought out. It’s fantastic.

Despite the two posts above, I’d still like to see a general tidy-up of the interface; less lines/borders everywhere…

Red thin lines that keep appearing round things, that then shatter and fragment when you sweep over them and leave bits that just look ugly (cos they can’t refresh until you focus away and back again…). Big thick, ugly white border lines with more thinner white lines inside them…

I understand you have to designate the various focus areas of the UI somehow, but just go and take a look at how Studio One manages this aspect; cool, clean, tidy, smart, subtle - never in your face…! Cubase would be so much better having this approach, without losing any of its ‘personality’.

The only place some ‘lines’ need adding, for me, would be the mix console between channel faders… maybe even a 5 pixel actual gap would do it… just an idea…

But hey, this thread could get very big, with lots of pros and cons… :wink:

Am always open to new ideas. Haven’t seen the daw you mentioned. But I do love the new redesign. It’s so easy on the eye ‘to me’. I freaking love it. :heart_eyes:

I’m all for fixing, refining and tidying.

It is good SB, keep going with this, next the Pool!