10.5 lagging and very slow

i’m suddenly experiencing a very slow, lagging workflow in pro 10.5.

Some issues include, audio dropping out for over 15 deconds when deleting a channel, plugins lagging on insert, windows slow to open, and duplicating is beyond a joke. If I want to duplicate a 4 bar section of the track selecting all channel cubase litrally crashes and finally responds around 2 mins later. No offline processing and around 10 channels of audio with various vsts.

These issues are becoming really bad and I cant pin anything down.

computer has an i7 8700k with 32GB ram. The project is only touching 23% usage on the CPU.

Can anyone assist.


Agree, fully confirm!
Everything is Very slow.
Open mixer - 1.5 secons
Insert\open a plugin - 1.5 seconds
When u try to move a mixer - fps is very low + lagging.
Feal like i have intel Pentium MMX or smth like that…
I think Cubase 10 have a problem with graphics!

I7 6700 16Gb RAM SSD hard drive.

ive got some the best componants in my machine including a M.2 samsung 970 pro and these issues should not be happening.

Same here. Older PC, but Cubase 10.5 is the only DAW that shows this kind of behavior. Even in small session.
i7 5820K 32.0 GB DDR4

same here any solution/.?

Same issue here. Suddenly everything is lagging. No hardware changes and I don’t think any software changes either (unless some windows update messed up something?). Even with empty project everything is lagging.

They’ve probably done it to force people to buy Cubase 11

Hi everyone

I had the same issue as described above with Cubase 11. My Steinberg UR44C just needed to be powered off & back on (unplugging the USB did not fix it).

Hope this helps someone.

What kind of reason would there be that C10.5 developed problems all of a sudden after working well before, with no changes made by the user?

How odd!

Is it possible that Cubase or the eLicenser dongle “phones home for instructions”, and then some subsequently some changes are made on the computer by Cubase?

I didn’t think that was what would happen, but maybe it does?

More likely operator error? Well, that would be less unlikely if it happened to my system! (Hmm, maybe it has! :smile:)