10.5 locks-up persistently

Let’s start by saying 10.0.50 runs 24/7 here with very few issues.

10.5, however, locks-up and gives spinning wheel and becomes unresponsive after a period of time when clicking in the ruler area. I becomes responsive again, but only after switching to another app/window and returning. The problem starts again after clicking in the ruler.

I have tried safe start.
I have reinstalled clean version with no imported prefs.
Same issue with new empty project and existing projects.

So, it’s back to 10.0.50 after 8 hours of trying to diagnose this issue.

Anyone else having similar issue?



Identical, happens when I bring up mix console… sits and sits. Eventually it responds but, not impressed.

Yep, locks up randomly, so bad that I get the spinning wheel for a bit then it shuts down my computer!

Same here. On Mac with Catalina. Same settings as with Cubase 10. Not good.

I ran into the same thing when opening the MixConsole. Slow beach ball for about 10 seconds. This is only happening when I open an older project. Seems to be an issue/bug affecting older projects when opened in CB 10.5.

Fortunately, I got rid of this issue it by loading a new Global Workspace created in CB 10.5 into the older projects and then saving it in CB 10.5

so basically:

-Create a Global Workspace in an empty CB 10.5 project
-Open prior projects and load the workspace you created.
-Save your project to update it within CB 10.5
-No more beach ball when switching to the MixConsole.

Of course, I would still like to see a fix for this, as I have too many projects that I cannot open and go through just to update them.

Please give this a shot to see if it helps.

After posting this, and contemplating for a while, I remembered the new preference for the ruler which was introduced about clicking in the top half to activate loop. I toggled this preference and, so far, everything has been running smoothly. Fingers crossed it continues to do so.

I’ll report back.


Take a look at this thread!


A lot of people have related issues to this topic!


Hi Steve,

I’m afraid this did not work for me.


Thanks BNY. Sounds very much like my issue. I managed to work 4 or 5 hours last might without any issues, so the jury is still out.

I tried this for an old project that I had already saved in 10.5, and, not surprisingly, it didn’t work. I will try it for old projects that I haven’t yet saved in 10.5 and report back.

I did find a workaround for old projects already saved in 10.5, which is to create a new project in 10.5 and then import all the tracks from the old project. The project will play after that - but unfortunately, it seems the import function sometimes does not bring the automation status with it (i.e. the green R is not set on some tracks). I’ve reported that as an issue. At the moment the only workaround to that seems to be to manually cross check the automation statuses between the old and the new projects. But at least it’s possible to work on the project in 10.5.


Sorry folks, my workaround worked for a while but now the problem is back. Back to the drawing board.


Hmmmm, seems my fix was temporary. Lock-ups now in full swing. Very weird problem, after having so long free of interuptions :-/

Sucks to hear that guys. I’m guessing it’s a Graphics issue in different areas for everyone.

I just notice this happening when I open an Arturia instrument. It freezes when I open the preset window but the beach ball goes away when I click outside of Cubase. This is random and not good at all.

I just tried this and thus far it works! Thank you so much.
The project I work on got the freezing problem about 10-20 mins after opening it up. Now, after deactivating the ruler option, it worked for two hours straight without problems. I hope it stays that way :laughing:

Very silent from Microsoft WIndows users. Is it working flawless on windows?

Running flawlessly on my Pentium Celeron! :laughing:

on a serious note, few issues, all versions of Cubase have frozen for me from time to time so I doubt this is a brand new problem, I think thats due to plugins but it’s never the same one, recently, it was the Reason plugin but since it’s two recent updates, it’s stabilised a bit.

I tend to force close the app as it doesn’t really crash, even if I wait for half an hour.

I can confirm it not a plug-in issue. I get the lock-ups within minutes of running in safe made, which disables all 3rd party plugs. Once again the customers are the Beta testers.

I have the exact same graphic issues /crashes / spinning wheel on high sierra (With 10.5 update and Full install)
Tried with mojave : It worked a bit better but some plugins crashed cubase instantly and cubase worked prettty slow (with update and full install)
No pb on windows 10 (from update install) so far no crash or anything woks flawlessly … for once

Too many spinning beachballs on 10.5. here :frowning: I’ll wait for an update.

More info here