10.5 midi export not working

I just discovered that midi export is not working correctly in 10.5. After many partial (only one track for example) or disorderly results I opened up the project in Cubase 10 and exported it with identical settings and it opened back up in v10 perfectly. I then opened it in 10.5, again opened fine.
When I tried another identical expoet from 10.5 it opened up with the same mess as before.
Conclusion: whilst import midi file seems to work ok in 10.5 the reverse is not true.
10.5 produces partial or corrupt midi files.

I must apologise. I had bounced my midi tracks so they came up muted and that’s why they wouldn’t export to midi file!

A couple of things I’ll mention that may help someone struggling with midi export issues.
The first is to make sure that all the desired midi tracks are un-muted including the track parts themselves. When you bounce down all the midi instruments to audio, a common operation, the tracks are automatically muted so that only the audio will play. They must all be unmuted to export the midi tracks otherwise you’ll end up with a Halion track or something.
The second is that, if several windows are running as happens often, the window from which the midi is being exported must be active (activate button on top bar orange) otherwise the same problem of empty export will occur and there’s no warning.
I’ll just mention one more thing. It would be EXTREMELY useful to be able to export the arrange track in order to make clear the song arrangement to the recipient. This seems a no brainer to me but I cannot find any way to have the arrange track in my export to producer packahe. It would be a great addition Steinberg and thanks for all your hard work!

I have similar struggle. I have recorded several MIDI tracks in one project and when I wanted to export it to mp3 or wave, it basically did not save anything. MIDI tracks are not muted. When it finally saved something, it was only empty something without any suffix. I have no idea what to do, becuase I’ve watched several videos on youtube, read several tutorials but none of them is using Cubase AI Elements 10.5. So if u have any idea what should I do, I will appriciate it very much.

real quick i just wanted to THANK YOU.
consider myself a pretty experienced & decently bright guy… and i’ve been testing and wondering what on earth was wrong. duh!!
how i could be so daft… please don’t tell anyone my tracks were muted!
thanks again my friend.
warmest regards,