10.5 Mojave crashes

I’ve just upgraded from 10 pro to 10.5 on Mojave and I’m getting crashes when loading up existing projects. Any one else experiencing any 10.5 crashes??

Hm no, not this version or any other version before crashed this OS or previous. Cubase crashing ok, but never the system.

I mean cubase is crashing not the OS

I’m having the same problem. I’ve had a couple of crashes. Also, oftentimes it’s barely usable because the wait cursor is omnipresent and you can’t really do anything then. Once this starts, you’re doomed and have to restart Cubase hoping it’ll work normally again for a little while.

Ok, but also no Cubase crashing on Mojave. Not on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean Cubase never crashes. But this is from time to time and was never related to an OS.