10.5 on Windows 8.1

Is this possible, or must I upgrade to Windows 10?
My machine is only a few years old and plenty powerful (running 8.1) and don’t really want to upgrade in fear of certain files disappearing.

I would do a backup with Acronis or something similar onto an external hard drive before upgrading to win 10. Then you can always restore the computer to exactly how it was before to get your missing files, if they go missing. Or you can just find the missing files within the Acronis image and restore only the missing files. This is what I’ve done since the 90s. I’ve never lost any files except for those on cloud storage. It works well. Just make a restore USB boot drive or even better an Acronis boot partition on your actual computer hard drive. There has been multiple times in the past that a hard drive died or got corrupted and I restored everything with Acronis. Not backing up stuff is a bad idea. All hard drives can fail. I’ve even had a brand new samsung SSD fail on me after only a few weeks. It’s just a good idea to make a backup image in general.

Not to mention that using older OSes makes it easy to hack your computer or get viruses.

If there isn’t a 10.5 demo yet, there probably will be eventually and you can test it out on 8.1 if you want. Not supported and not working aren’t the same thing but it might not be stable.

There is a thread in the general section about this . Most of 10.5 seems to work ok on win 7 so 8.1 should be the same

Thanks a lot

Works here (not tested thoroughly though)

I’m glad to hear Cubase 10.5 is a go on Windows 8.1. Just waiting for Elements to be available.

Installed on Windows 8.1 last night. Went smoothly. The new plugins work as expected. I don’t do video so probably will never try the video export function. My 10.x projects open and render as expected. I’m glad I did the upgrade.