10.5 performance meter

Hi peps just a quicky .

How reliable is the 10.5 performance meter as i have been disabling stuff on the DAW as i was a bit alarmed when i saw the DPC latency on about 1000 , nearly peaking on the red but then i read that the Latency checker doesn’t work on anything past win 7 .

The image shows i have really good average and real time streaming with the asio set to 64 on the sound card and the Asio guard on with no visible peaks past a quater of the way up on the real time meter … Is it reliable or do i still need to do a DPC check ?

https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon works just fine for me in windows 10.

and if it ain’t broke then no need to fix it? if you have latency problems you should hear it soon enough.

and the cubase meter jumped when I had issues, your meter looks just fine

Cheers Glenn , i have found the DPC checker you stated before hand and checked my system and your right ,don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken , it’s just the other Dpc checker i tried reviewed my system at 1000us , on the verge of dropouts , that was until i also read that the version i used no longer worked on windows above 7 .
Anyway , minds at ease , latency reports back at 90-150 us :wink: