10.5 plugin GUI resizing issue (works fine on 9.5)

So, i’m experiencing plugin GUI resizing issue in Cubase 10.5
Checked if this issue happens in Cubase 9.5 and it works fine there.
I’ve tried enabling and disabling HiDPi option in Cubase 10.5 with no success.

Here’s a video clip showing the issue:


Do you use HiDPI screen?

If yes, I would recommend to get in contact with the plug-in vendor. In the VST3 SDK, they can configure, how should the plug-in behave in the HiDPI mode and resizing.

Problem fixed

BUMP - how did you fix yours? Having same thing here, SPAN will resize but the handle ‘goes past’ the VST window boundary and only resizes when reopened. Shadow Hill MB Compressor Class A having none of it when resizing, you get the 100% window size then you resize to say 150% and the area resizes but then I get a massive ‘black’ area around the bottom and right sides leaving the 100% area intact but the rest is obliterated.

Be cool to know what fixed yours

If you’re using VST Plugin Manager from Cubase 8.5 to make 32 bit plugs work - it’s an issue. I’ve turn back original VST Plugin Manager and it fixed GUI resizing.

Not using differnet plugin manager, jbridge mine where needed anyway.

Additionally, the VSTs that fail in 10.5 also fail in 8.5 and 9.5, and not all plugins - Arturia’s resize properly (gui window resests if it crops / shrinks) when you reopen, Diva and Glitchmachines work as expected (GM you can drag live and that works properly). Shadow Hills Class A just fails, but in Reason 11 all these work perfectly (as VST2.4s but still they work and expand / contract ‘live’)

For anyone else having issues try this, seems to work for me now, first time running the plugins seems to get the window to ‘catch up’ when resizing, than after resized once the window ‘seems’ to remember and no longer crops/hides areas

Ok another quick update - looks like Automap wrapper for VST3 is causing some of the resize issues too. Just ‘unmapped’ one and the GUI works straight away how it should.