10.5 - Quantize Ends - zero note length

Hi, Cubasers and Developers!

If note is shorter than half of Quantize Grid, after pressing Quantize Ends they have null length.


What would be your expectation, please?

My expectations - at least serious attitude from you.

Okay, tell me in which situations we should have a note of length in 0? A note that should be listenable by human ear. I expect a serious answer to this question.


I also expect a serious answer here. I’m seriously asking for your expectation. How would you specify it?

Audible “length” is a nonsense, of course, because as you probably now, the sounds depends on the triggered sample, or the synthesizer. If you set very long Attack Time, the audible sound will come after long time. The MIDI Note could also trigger other than musical data.

So again, seriously, how would you specify it? Or the Grid length? That’s a serious question, both of them are correct and wrong at the same time. Why is wrong? It’s not against MIDI specification. MIDI specification allows you to make a MIDI Note with length 0. So why not to convert this use case in Cubase too?

I figured out what and how is happening. I hope to describe it more understandable :slight_smile:

I had using Quantize Panel and set Randomize ticks to 8 Ticks (for live simulation), therefore I’ve got some notes starting a couple ticks before the start of bar. Therefore Quantize Ends reach the nearest bar and, if (as I described about if note length is smaller than quantization grid value) it always will be the same where the note starts because it starts a few ticks before bar.

  1. create a MIDI part and open it in Key Editor
  2. use or don’t use Quantization Panel…
  3. draw a new note shorter than half of quantization grid value (if it’s 1/8, then draw a note smaller than 1/16)
  4. move this note so it starts just before bar
  5. click on Quantize Ends - it works perfectly of course - it glues the end of note to the nearest bar.

For example note starts at, ends at, lenght of note, quantization grid 1/4. After Quantization Ends note ends at and length is

Visually note almost disappears like it has zero length.
I know about MIDI triggering and all you mentioned, but I hope you agree that in simple piano record there cannot be a note that is like 1/65536, right? It’s shorter in time than you quickly open eyes :slight_smile:

Since it seems not an issue, my question would be - is it possible to make an option “smallest note” or something like that, somewhere in quantization panel or in left zone where Quantization parameters lives.


You could make a Logical Preset for this (if Not Length is smaller than… Set the length to X) and assign a Key Command.

Yes, I know these nice features in Logical Editor.