10.5 - Retrospective MIDI bug (10.5.10 too)

Previous versions had beautiful retrospective MIDI feature - simple and I use it in every project. Simplicity is the gold! :slight_smile:
Now it is something terrible.

It is great idea to have separate retrospective MIDI buffer for each MIDI (Instr) track (if I understood correctly that new feature), but somehow it works in different way. I press Shift+* and it places a content of buffer into right place. Okay. Then I play the project (previous version this operation cleans the buffer and was ok) and after I stop, I press Shift+* to place the new content in place, but it gives me buffer where new content is written on top of old content and it is difficult to delete notes that are not needed in current part.

I know there is command “Empty Buffer” in popup. I really don’t think that it somehow can ease the workflow if we should press that command before each take. STUPID! Let the buffer is emptied on each start of playing. It was great. Maybe better would be to add an option in preferences? Maybe it’s already is somewhere?

And in a row of the same…
That big button in transport zone called “Insert Retrospective Recording from all MIDI Inputs on Selected Track”. I suppose there should be a button to insert buffers to selected tracks according to what was recorded in their buffer. I suppose there are dedicated buffers for each track, right? It seems so because of enabled/disabled option for each track and it becomes enabled once I play anything on that track.

And if there is button to insert buffer, why there is no button to clean all buffers? While there is issue on buffer cleaning I mentioned above, now this new Retrospective Recording variant becomes unusable.

Another issue on the same thing. I recorded in buffer while running project in cycle, so then I stop and insert as Cycle Recording. All is okay, but it remembers its position and don’t allow me to paste content to another place. Maybe it’s not a bug, but I think there should be many options in Preferences because users are millions and therefore workflows are at least thousands - what is good for one, can be unusable for others.

And more…
From a documentation:

MIDI events in the buffer are also replaced in the following situations:
● When you have inserted the retrospective recording on a track and you play new events in Stop mode or during playback.

This doesn’t work as expected and described. I have buffer not emptied after I insert and play new notes in Stop or Play modes.