10.5 Still Not Ready for Prime time

So while the horrible performance issues seem to have been ironed out with 10.5.12, several bugs still make it less usable than 10.0

  • Slice tool visual offset

  • Piano roll/Midi Editor window does not maintain size and position when switching workspaces

  • Retrospective record sometimes places recording a bar earlier than it was played

And I’m sure there are many, many others affecting other folks workflows.

Is it just me or is this the buggiest Cubase release yet? Why is this happening?

It is just you ;o)… sorry, I am not really serious about that.
But in the past we had much more desastrous releases from time to time.

Every update since st least SX3 has been the most disastrous update ever for someone. So of course this one is also…

I see you’re on a mac…

After many years using Cubase as primary it has become clear to me that unless I want to take part in unofficial Beta testing…never jump onboard a major release until at least 12 months have passed.(including point 5 versions)

These paid releases are essential for Steinberg to survive financially, but they will regretfully always contain all sorts of issues to begin with.

Yeah unfortunately, gotta keep pace with the film/tv industry on that front. PC release was smoother I take it?

But those Mac industry days are over…either is 100% valid now.

Either is valid in my book, but most of the composers I work with use Logic.

Logic $200. I have it as well since Cubase is never ready for prime time.
It has been buggy since SX2 as I recall. I don’t think that will ever change

Waiting 12 months is good advise before taking a ride on the wild squirrel

Why is this happening? I think it has to do with sales and marketing. And I guess development teams too, it much more fun doing new cool features than clean-up some eases mess-up. This time Apple has fucked up with removing GUI components. And I think Steinberg uses third party software for getting their GUI to work on both OSX and MSWindows. If this third party is not ready with the quality needed for DAW, Steinberg wont either be ready. But they dont have much options. But there are more technical problem with 10.5 than can be explained by GUI changes.

But I agree that is not ready yet and I get the feeling that Steinberg now see this as solved.

Rock solid for me. Running 10.5.12 for 12 hours every day. No show stoppers. Some issues, like sampler file track location errors, but show me a DAW that’s perfect?!

“Not ready for Prime Time” - and yet your issues are…these???


Some smaller project is working fine. Some bigger and cubase become very sluggish. Audio seems to flow, but frame rate is about 1hz. And it is not that high cpu load, Intel meter says about 24-30%, and cubase uses about 12 GB so there is no resource that is running out. But it is hard to get a easy way to reproduce it, and it most likely also require some external pluggins. And it seems that it is really hard for plugin vendors to get their VST3 to work properly.

FWIW rewire still broken in 10.5.12

It works here perfect as far as I can tell.

Care to list some re-producable steps or provide a link where this is discussed?

Also is it only the Midi Editor or other editors as well?

Also it might benefit others for you to list your system specifications plus your OS.

How many open windows? How many 4k displays?

I have 3k and a 1080 screen. Number of windows has no impact for me. Solid.