10.7 Lion "VST Bridge" *FIX* will kill your VST2 Plugins

Steinberg’s compatibility list for OS X 10.7 Lion is very vague and caused me to lose a few hours in trouleshooting today.

For Cubase/Studio 5.5.3 users Steinberg recommends a workaround for projects that won’t load because they use legacy PPC plugins that require Rosetta (now extinct in 10.7) as such:

VST Bridge crashes when attempting to load a PPC plug.
So they recommend deleting the VSTManager.component file from the Cubase .app package.

That’s all well and good and it does indeed solve the issue, but what they don’t mention is that the VSTManager component also takes care of ALL you VST 2.0 plugins including Intel based ones that work just fine in Lion.

If you delete it all your VST 2 plugs will no longer be picked up by Cubase.

This is a ridiculous workaround as there are still very few VST 3.0 plugins out there and most are VST 2.0 including recent Intel/Universal plugins, so for most people it would mean NO vst support in cubase which is, again, ridiculous.

Its much easier to just remove/delete all your PPC based plugs.

To find out which ones they are just try loading them one by one and if it loads up and works its definitely an Intel/x86 based plug. If it crashes then its very likely a PPC plug and you can delete it or look for an update.