10.7 nuendo and what IR reverb (rip altiverb?)

I am a long time altiverb user. I cannot remember the last big session I did without it… My bad memory says sometime in 2003 or so :wink:

I’m building new systems, and have just installed a 10.7 and 10.6.8 dual boot on a brand new Mbp to test ( before upgrading/updating the Mac pro systems…)

I’d love to know what folks are using instead of altiverb. Their library of IRs is quite incredible… And I’ve never managed to not find something that works. However, with the difficulty in installing it into 10.7.2, the presents issues, and the lack of a 64bit update, I’m on the prowl for alternatives.

I’d love to know what others are using. Particularly if it is a 64bit plugin (I’m attempting to avoid 32bit plugs on the new install…)

Thoughts? Are there any other ir reverb units that use altiverb impulses?

Cheers. Brendan.

Why not keep altiverb and dump 10.7?

What’s the big plus fo audio?


Oliver - it is a thought that has crossed my mind a fair bit.

However, the tech upgrade I’m going through is quite large - and will hopefully last me for a good 2.5 to 3 years in one hit.

Unfortunately, installing 10.6.x on brand new machines that come with 10.7 is a VERY difficult proposition (getting it to work on a current i7 mac mini was a rather big challenge) and not really what I’d prefer to be doing for a professional environment. And not really something I want to spend too much time on! :wink: I want to get back to making great audio.

The upgrade is for 3 separate systems… 1 major post room, my composition room, and a portable composition rig. 6+ macs all up (depending on further testing of mac minis as multiple slaves (perhaps even up to 6 of them… though 1RU 2600k win machines are also on the cards and looking a v interesting concept, if only I can get the weight down!)

On my composition rig, I’m wanting to run a purely 64bit environment. Why? Well, 32bit plugs like altiverb just don’t cut it in 64bit nuendo - especially not being able to process the plugin on audio events. And as much as it is only a small thing, the GUI “workaround” is an absolute workflow killer for me.

When it comes to evaluating the way I work, I became aware at how much small little things like the workaround for running 32bit plugs through a bridge effect my creative workflow. I need the technology to “get out of the way” - be as transparent as possible, and I’m looking forward to making the composition rig as creatively inspiring to work on as possible.

And as I’ll be maintaining all these systems, I’ll be wanting them all to be running the same systems - same plugs, same OS etc (up to a certain point of course.)

Running Nuendo in 32bit mode is also not an option - even running VEPro, I still need nuendo to be able to address more than 3.5GB of ram. Again - this is for MY particular workflow - I’m not sure if others would be faced with the same issues.

So - for as long as Altiverb is in the wilderness, I really need to look at other options.

Ideas? B.

THe great thing about Altiverb is the IR library. For anything else I think you are going to have to find 3rd party IRs.

However, I recently bought Vienna Suite, and the reverb is so much better than Altiverb that I’m thinking of getting rid of it, as I’m not using it at all these days.


I’d wait for AltiVerb 7 to release.
Trust me on this one.
No other IR plugin comes close in terms of quality & strength of library, and there is no danger it will disappear
in a corporate swallow-up as happened to it’s one-time challenger WizooVerb

I think that the VSL convolution reverb is much better, and doesn’t do any of the weird things that Altiverb does with spacial placing from time to time. However, I would agree that there are many more IRs included with Altiverb, and this can be handy.

OK Brendan,

sorry to hear about that pain you are going through. I see that there are times when you can invest time in upgrading and then there are times when you need the systems to run. (and there’s always the ODD one that does not support the latest innovation…)

I don’t really see an alternative for audio post work at the moment. Altiverb’s Library is really special. Maybe one day someone will decide to address the small niche market and supply more post specific IRs for other convolution reverbs, but at the moment you are pretty much stuck I would say…



How about this:

Keep a legacy snow leopard machine (one or two of your numerous minis would do) and run Altiverb as an external FX. That’s what I do!

I often switch on Constrain Plugin Delay Compensation when playing into the machine, as external FX add the sum latency of your systems.

What’s great about my method is that I have about 6-8 Altiverbs available at all times from ANY project. Just “up” all the time. I run them on a 2008 MacPro. It does some other duties at the same time and doesn’t sweat much.


PS I did deliberately buy an extra Altiverb license for this, so that old projects that instantiate Altiverb still load up smoothly.