10.9 OS X Mavricks


"Older products not listed are not compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks. " :question: :exclamation:

Man This is depressing no new update for Cubase 6.5 Users.

Aloha d,

As a C6.x user I too felt disappointed when I read the notice.

But then after a lil thought I asked myself;
will Mavericks actually enhance/improve my work with C6.x?

Everything that I have read about 10.9 shows me nothing in that regard.
Perhaps I am missing something here.

So I ask you d,
if C6.5 was ‘Marvericks friendly’, in what ways would your DAW experience
be enhanced?

What 10.9 features would you be using that are not currently available
in 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)

TIA (thanks in advance)

Considering the same patch applies to Cubase AI 7 and 6, have you guys simply tried installing the patch over 6.5.5 on OSX 10.9?

The patch is available here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/steinberg-product-compatibility-info-regarding-mac-os-x-109-mavericks

I do my music production on Windows 8.1, but do have an iMac in the other room which is still on Mountain Lion so I can’t really test myself at this stage.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

mountain lion is very slow compared to mav.

I’m using mavericks with cubs and it does seem to work very well.

but just sad that it is so quickly abandoned.

and the patch does not want to install. gonna use pacifist. see how it goes.

there is a patch included for cube 6look at the pkgs.
Untitled.tiff (264 KB)

This sucks,

I have Scarlett 18i6, Cubase 6.0.7 and OSX 10.9 on Imac at home studio. (need to use latest coreaudio2ASIO upd - ofcourse It cannot be installed)

Why should I pay 200eur for update to Cubase 7, to be able using my 1 year old equipment?
This situation is very terrible!!!
I tried to instal Mavericks home office before using it at my Working studio out of home.

As u konw N6 doesn’t work at 64bit at Snow Leopard (10.6), which I had on Mac Pro with Nuendo 6 installed.
Just look at App store and try to find Moutin Lion, or OSX 10.8 which is compatible with Nuendo 6 64bit and it is verified.
Its negative!!!

Than I am qiet uneasy with this discriminate policy of Steinber with elder products as Cubase 6 (For me: I bought it 2011 - only 2 years :astonished: ?!)

Anybody have a similar problem?

It was not Steinberg that made your software stop working, it was Apple Corp.

Think about it, Cubase 6 was released when Windows Vista was still current, since then MS has released Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and no changes had to be made to Cubase. Why does every OSX release however bring API changes and problems?

OK, so people DO want to be current on the OS front, but NOT on the DAW front, and then blame the DAW maker that their software doesn’t work on the new OS? What kind of thinking is that? If being current is so important, get the latest Cubase version and move on.

NAW man!

I wanna use SX1&2 with Mavericks on my old G3 PPC and Steinberg should make that happen
for free and then send me a big fat cheque because I called them out on this forum!!!

Yeah That’s the ticket. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But seriously, Arjan P is IMHO right on!

If your stuff works when you first get it, keep using it that way.
If you decide to update/grade any bit of your working gear, you take
the chance of breaking something.

Don’t do it. You can still create great music with the old stuff.

Just because someone puts different plate of food on the table
doesn’t mean we have to eat it.

Would some please clarify a couple things for me?

My understanding is…

Cubase 6.5 works on Mavericks
Cubase 6.0.6 and 6.0.7 do not.

Is this correct, or do all Cubase 6 versions work?

I don’t know what actually does and does not work, but the official compatibility statement only says Cubase AI and LE 6.0.7 work on Mavericks. Here’s the page.

I don’t see why only the LE version would work. That’s interesting.

Hi there,

just a small clarification of what that “compatibility chart” really means. Cubase 6.0 and Cubase 6.5 haven’t been tested by our QA department on Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.9. This doesn’t mean that they won’t work, it only means that we officially offer no technical support for this installation. It is very possible that it does work, it is even possible that it works better than in other constellations, but it is also possible that it won’t work at all. The thing is that we don’t know, because we haven’t tested it. Cubase 6 was discontinued two years ago and the last update was released last year. Cubase 6.5 was discontinued last year and its latest update was released earlier this year. The official maintenance for these programs is officially closed and no compatibility patches will be released for new Operating Systems, which is the main reason why this wasn’t tested nor will it be supported. If you want to work with Cubase 6.x on the new OS, it is up to you and it will be on your own risk, which still doesn’t mean that it won’t work.

To much bla bla bla from my side, but I hope it clears things up a bit.

All the best

It does! Thanks!

Here’s a workaround for users of older Cubase versions:


The article describes how to manually update the CoreAudiotoASIO component of Cubase 5 and 6 and other Cubase versions of that generation. This is what the official CoreAudioASIO Patch is doing automatically with Steinberg programs that are officially Mavericks compatible, for example Cubase 7.

So Mavericks is noticeably faster? That´s good to hear. What Hardware are you using? I am considering to switch, mainly because of other SW I use, but right now C6.5 runs great and I am not too convinced. What are your experiences so far - do you have any issues?