10 and 10.5 insert not passing audio. Updated

Hope someone can shed some light on this problem.

Cubase 9 and 9.5 works flawlessly but 10 and 10.5 is useless to me as inserts are not behaving.

Uad plugins are not working in that the plugin appear but no audio is passing through it. Insert is active. I’ve updated to the latest versions of both UAD and Cubase to no avail. It seems that audio is not routed through the insert as it has no effect on audio at all.

I’ve also reset reset Cubase, all versions, to factory setting but that didn’t make any change.
This is also the problem with a few other 3rd party plugins.

Native Cubase plugins works.

Anyone else had this problem and found a way to solve it?
Any help greatly appreciated.


(Edited for clarity)

Hi there

What about other 3rd party plugins?

Best Regards, Dave

Hi Dave, and thank you.

I have the same problem with other 3rd party plugins.
I did also check the insert slot routing and if I break the routing audio is interrupted so the routing is not the problem.

Does you or anyone else know what changed with the way Cubase handles plugins since version 10? It has been mentioned that something changed but I’ve not seen any details.


The plot thickens, somehow.
It seems that projects started in 9.x displays the problems described in the initial post but projects started in earlier versions are more than happy to work in 10.5.

What’s a bit confusing to me is that even starting a new project in 10.5 and just importing the audio files from a 9.x folder refused to play ball with inserts. Anyhow, more detective work to be done.